Womxn For Wild

Womxn For Wild


Co-founders Melanie van Zyl is from Pietermaritzburg and Carmen van der Westhuizen is from Plettenberg Bay, but as Womxn For Wild we host adventures across South Africa.


Hiking, surfing, scuba, MTB (so far!)

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Womxn For Wild builds unforgettable outdoor experiences for adventurous, consciously-minded womxn to come together in the outdoors - safely!

Female-founded by a seasoned travel photojournalist and marketing-savvy videographer, we want all womxn to immerse themselves in Africa's wilds without fear or prejudice. What are some of your most memorable achievements?

Womxn For Wild


What are some of your most memorable achievements?

We've hosted workshops for women that turn novices into fledgling surfers, mountain bikers and scuba divers. We thrive off the joy of new places and trying new things and know we've done something right when a fellow womxn has retained a new skill, like surfing confidently or pitching a tent on the Drakensberg slopes. We have plenty of repeat guests, reinforcing our core goal of community-building. 

What are your ambitions that you are working towards?

Our mission? To facilitate new connections with a like-minded community of adventurers, nurturers and wanderers. To inspire womxn to get out there and explore more. To foster a desire for safeguarding natural spaces. To build confidence and create lifelong connections.

What are some of your top tips?

Slide a few sheets of old newspaper into your backpack when hiking. If your shoes get wet, stuff a ball of paper into your shoes to help soak up moisture from inside. Don't forget to remove the insoles! It's the lightweight luxury you didn't know you needed