6 Reasons Why it's Better To Run With Friends

Whether it’s the motivation for those early wake-ups, accountability, or some health competition – a run with a friend is always better!

Here are 6 reasons why it's better to run with friends:

1. Meaningful connections / quality time

Running with a friend will naturally lead to talking and most of the time... venting. It’s a great way to blow off some steam, catch up with what’s going on in each other’s lives and some will even make a joke to say that running with friends is cheaper than therapy.  

2. Motivation

A run with a partner can always supply those necessary pep-talks you might need to keep going when the 10km run feels like a 21km. Other runners will always understand when you’re having a good or bad day, encouraging you to keep pushing and to not give up.

Another factor is that you are more likely to push yourself more when running with a friend or in a group because you don’t want to be the weak link and will push through those feelings of wanting to quit. Even if it’s just an extra 1 or 2 kms...

3. Accountability

You’re less likely to hit that snooze button or skip a run to lie in bed. Friends encourage you to get out there and once committed, it’s hard to pull out of that early morning run – even if your bed is super comfy and warm.

4. Safety

Safety in numbers. Having friends to run with can measure safety for both you as well as the rest of the group. From having someone there just in case a health issue arises, like dehydration or maybe an injury. You don’t want to land yourself in a precarious situation, safety measures always help reduce the risk of injuries and other health issues.

5. Healthy Competition

Running with a friend who is your level or even a little bit faster than you, is always a great way to improve your performance. Each run, you’ll push yourself a little harder, run a little faster or sprint up that hill.

6. Networking & Diversity

Running friendships are often special bonds between people. You always show up for each other, go through those tough runs together and bush boundaries. Running with different people also incorporates diversity, as you will mix with their social circles – branching out, networking and intermixing your social circles.

Combining friends and fitness is a great way to motivate one another, make the run a lot more interesting and having friends with you will help divert you from thinking about the actual run.