The most Iconic Runs in Cape Town

The most Iconic Runs in Cape Town

Training for your first half marathon, setting a PB for your 10km or running your first 5km without stopping? Running is a personal journey and achieving those goals is always so rewarding. The First Ascent Team have put together a few of their favourite and iconic running routes in Cape Town, to keep you motivated and exploring Cape Town.

Here are our top 5 runs in Cape Town.

The Constantia Alphen Green Belt

Nestled in the burbs, this is a beautiful run filled with lush greenery and will always have a couple of dogs running around. It is a moderately flat run until you start climbing up towards Cecilia Forest. This is a great run for beginners or those looking to cover some distance, you can turn before it starts getting too hilly, before Cecilia Forest and turn to do a quick 5km. If you want to challenge yourself, you can keep climbing up and loop back down.

Tafelberg Road

If you’re looking for a tour of Cape Town – this is definitely the run for you. Tafelberg road has panoramic views of the city featuring Cape Town Harbour, Robben Island and if you look close enough you can even spot the colourful Bo-Kaap houses. This run makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. We highly recommend doing this run for a sunset, when it gets to dusk and all of the house’s lights look like sparkling stars – its truly magical.


We all know everyone loves a flat prom run, especially on a Saturday morning in Cape Town – you can feel the buzz and the energy – but if you feel like doing something a little different… We recommend parking at the Bootleggers in Bakoven, running towards Llandudno and again, you can choose the distance you want to accomplish that day. Followed by an icy ocean dip at Beta beach then a coffee at Bootleggers to warm you up once again.

Boyes Drive

An underrated, very hilly run…this will leave your legs feeling quite stiff and sore the next day but nonetheless – the views on this run are also incredible. It’s a great training run to gain some elevation and work on those hill repeats. If you park at the beginning of Boyes Drive and run to Kalk Bay and back – you can get in a lekker 10-12km run. Again, followed by an ocean dip in Dalebrook tidal pool.

Pipe Track

Another run we recommend doing at sunset, watching the sun set behind Lions Head is a view one can never get tried of. You also get the views of the Twelve Apostles and Camps Bay below. This route can also be secluded, so we suggest it’s better to run with others. The trail begins at the top of Kloof Nek and follows a water pipeline past Bakoven. This is a great beginners trail as it’s not too technical and it has a lot of benches along the way, so you can stop to take in the views.

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