Sibusiso Vilane

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Sibusiso Vilane


Johannesburg, South Africa


Mountain climbing

Sibusiso Vilane

"I love to challenge my self-imposed limitations because I believe I have no limits."

Sibusiso Vilane is a South African adventurer and motivational speaker, and the author of the book To the Top from Nowhere. An adventurer, marathon runner, and mountaineer and expedition leader, he is also the Chief Scout of Scouts SA.

What got me to the disciplines?

My journey of climbing Mountains and adventure began as an informal chat with a friend.

We were walking in a nature reserve when my friend started talking about Mount Everest. He was later to challenge me to climb it and took on the Challenge and succeeded in the quest. That three

months journey transformed my life the adventurous person I am today.

What in my motivation?

I am driven by the deep desire to sell the continent to the world by sharing a positive story. I get my motivation to keep going by being an inspiration to many. I love to challenge my self-imposed limitations because I believe I have no limits.

Biggest achievements?

Being married for more than twenty years, ha,ha, ha true!

I think reaching the summit of Mount Everest twice will always stand as my biggest achievement of all, however for the entertainment of anybody who dare read my story of life, they should know that I have climbed all the mountain that make up the seven summits, these are the highest continental peaks. I have walked to the South and Pole and have been to the North Pole. The summit of Mount Everest, North and South pole combined are known in adventure slangs as the Grand Slam of adventuring”, Proud to have done them all. The fact that I am the first Black person in the world to have done these make them to be my great adventure achievements.

Seven Summits timeline.

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa) 1999

  2. Mount Everest (Asia) 2003 - South and 2005 - North

  3. Aconcagua (South America) 2006

  4. Mount Elbrus (Europe) 2006

  5. Carstensz (Oceania) 2006

  6. Vinson Massif (Antarctica) 2006

  7. Denali/Mount McKinley (North America) 2008

Biggest training tips?

  1. Set the goal first

  2. Have a plan in place

  3. Commit

  4. Be consistent

  5. Review your progress