Paceline Women's Team

Paceline Women's Team


Cape Town (team is spread out)


Road, Gravel & Track Cycling

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Paceline women’s cycling team aims at bringing positive change to cycling in the Western Cape and hopefully South Africa (mainly in road and gravel cycling). The team aims to encourage women of all ages and abilities to take on racing/events and learn about what it means to be in a cycling team, supported and working with others for a common goal.

The team also wants to raise awareness for the Lady Talk Matters initiative working towards helping to alleviate period poverty.


Paceline - First Ascent


What are some of your most memorable achievements?

Multiple podiums throughout the 2022 season at road, gravel, MTB and track cycling events on the Western Cape.

What are the ambitions that you are working towards?

to continue to bring more women to racing and inspire women to challenge themselves and their abilities on the bicycle. Continue to be a positive influence in women’s cycling and grow the love of cycling in South Africa.

What are some of your top tips?

Trying means you are a winner. 2. Start with one step/ small and continue with consistency.

What is your favourite First Ascent product?

Our custom team jerseys with podium bibs. Our jerseys show who we are, what we stand for and those that support us.