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First Ascent Touch Down Jackets

Whether it’s missions in the mountains, post-race warmth or everyday excursions - we have a colour for every adventure. Weighing less and providing more.

The ideal mixture of light warmth without the bulk, with insulation warmth equivalence to 650-Fill Power to combat the winter chills. Expert panel stitching ensures that warmth is evenly dispersed throughout the body to keep you insulated when you need it most.

This jacket is highly compressible and stuffs into its own separate stuff bag for lightweight travelling. An indispensable winter staple for any outdoor adventurer.

RDS Certified Down

CERTIFIED BY: PRJ 006040/20-316230
The Touch Down Jacket is filled with Responsible Down Standards (RDS) sourced and verified duck down. RDS ensures that all down used in our products is sourced from animals which have not been subjected to harm. Learn more about RDS at

Couple wearing their First Ascent touch down jackets in the woods

Ladies Touch Down Jacket


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Couple wearing their First Ascent touch down jackets in the woods

Down Fill vs Fill Weight

Down Fill

Fill power is the international rating system used to measure the loft and the relative quality of the down used in the garment. This number is calculated based on how much space one millilitre a down cluster takes up in a cylindrical tube.

Fill Weight

The fill weight of a garment represents the amount of down which the garment holds, this number is measured in grams in South Africa. The more down which the garment holds, the warmer the garment will be.

All of our jackets are 650 fill power - what is the difference?

It all depends on the down ratio. The down ratio: This information is an indicator representing the make-up between soft down and the harder down feathers.A garment, which features a higher percentage, for example, 90/10, is warmer, lighter and more easily compressible garment, as it features a high percentage of down (90) to feathers (10).

Couple wearing their First Ascent touch down jackets in the woods

Winter adventures have arrived

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