For cycling, running or hiking

Adapt to changing weather conditions with our layering system. Whether it is for comfort or survival, there are a few basic principles when putting together a performance outfit.

Regulating your body temperature forms the core function of the layering systems, ensuring you are kept warm, whilst wicking moisture away from the body's surface.

Layering systems do not apply to the top half of your body, but also the bottom. Leggings and bottoms form a crucial part of the system, with the combination of the two, providing optimum insulation and protection.



Moisture and temperature management

Baselayers - the foundation layer to the clothing layering system and the most fundamental layer in ensuring that your body temperature remains regulated during activity by wicking moisture away from the body's surface.



The mid layers primary function is to capture warmth by trapping air. With a wide variety of mid layers on offer from your thin to thick fleece. Selecting a mid layer should be based on the activities and conditions which you are undertaking.

It is important to ensure that when selecting your mid layer, that the garment is breathable and features moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, to eliminate sweat from building-up in the layering system.



Extra insulation

The insulation layer is your layer of extreme warmth, whether selecting a Down or Synthetic Jacket, the insulation layer is designed to provide you with extra loft and warmth, with garments in this category featuring a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

When selecting your insulation layer, ensure that it sits comfortably over your fleece and under your outer shell. Down and Synthetic Jackets are also great to wear individually during dry conditions.


Weather protection

The outer layer is your last protection layer, shielding you against the elements whilst allowing for additional body heat to escape, preventing overheating.

When selecting an outer layer jacket, it is important to ensure that it is waterproof and breathable, allowing for sweat and water to move away from the body, whilst keeping the cold air from passing through.