Clinton Mackintosh

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Clinton Mackintosh


Cape Town, South Africa


Adventure Racing

Clinton Mackintosh

"I am a self-motivated individual with a desire to push my limits physically and mentally."

In 2003 a friend called me and invited me to join him for a adventure race in Lesotho, I clearly remember him saying to me “ Mac, I think you have the right mentality for this sport” needless to say I went in to this race hugely under prepared and received a major wake up call. Our team only managed to do the first leg of the race and didn’t finish.

After the disappointment of a DNF it was very clear, if I am going to do this again I am going to be properly prepared. 13 years later and countless International and domestic AR races later my hunger to compete for top honours has not changed. Stronger Older & Wiser I remain dedicated to compete to find my limits.

Biggest Achievement

We have had many successful races with multiple race victories and each race has taken huge effort, but I can honestly say that the biggest achievement or most memorable race I have done would have to be the Patagonia Expedition Race in 2012. Finishing 5th in 8 days, this race is the very purist form of Adventure Racing in the wildest environment.

Top 5 training tips

Prepare your body physically is step one.

Prepare mentally for any Race cannot be understated.

Quality over Quantity focus on doing quality training rather than just training often with no purpose.

Speed & Endurance find the balance, you will need to have the speed to compete and keep right up there with the top teams but is impossible to maintain that for long multi-day races.

Time focus on time on the feet or on the bike or in the boat) rather than worry about the distance you are covering.

Train with the food and nutrition you plan on racing with, experiment with all sorts and make sure you are able to keep it down when you are flat out.

Strength Don’t underestimate time in a gym working on core and your physical strength. 

Top 5 Races

1) Patagonia Expedition Race
2) AR World Championships
3) Expedition Africa ARWS (South Africa)
4) GODZone (New Zealand)
5) Expedition Alaska