Catherine Pellow-Jarman

Catherine Pellow-Jarman


Franschhoek, Western Cape


Cycling (in various forms)

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Growing up in a sporty family, two things were always prioritised, food and getting outside. These priorities have followed me throughout my life, and I still believe that a good ride/run/hike/adventure should always be followed up with good food!

If you can't find me, I'm most likely out on my bike somewhere. Riding is my ultimate pastime; I’ve got the tan lines and tattoos to prove it.


Cath Pellow-Jarman - First Ascent


What are some of your most memorable achievements?

Despite having won several races and completed epic challenges that I'm very proud of, my best memories are not of races won but rather of days spent in the saddle with good weather, good friends and good legs. Being able to share your passions with those closest to you is a wonderful thing.

What are the ambitions that you are working towards?

Whilst my cycling-related ambitions include one-day completing races like the Munga along with various other ultra-endurance races, my main goal is to stay active for a long, long time and to have as many two-wheeled outdoor adventures as possible along the way.

What are some of your top tips?

Always pack snacks and a sports bra; you never know what might happen or where the adventure may take you.

What is your favourite First Ascent product and why?

The Multi Towel. My favourite First Ascent product would have to be my Multi Towel; it goes everywhere with me. It’s fast-drying, compact and lightweight, making it perfect for packing into your bag for an impromptu swim mid-hike or for commuting to work and back. It takes up very little space in your bag and is super soft. Definitely, a must-have for any active, adventurous person.