Caring for your Down Jacket

Caring for your Down Jacket

  • 09 April 2019
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Maintaining a down jacket is an easy task, one which if followed will be essential to increasing the longevity of the jacket. If your down jacket is not properly taken care of, it will begin to lose its loft, resulting in a decrease in its insulation properties. Washing and caring for your down jacket is a simple task, if the correct techniques and instructions are followed.

Washing your down jacket

Follow the below steps when cleaning your down jacket, to ensure that it stays in top condition:

Pre-wash Instructions:
  • Remove all or any loose mud and dirt
  • Close main zipper and velcro
  • Close pocket zips and loosen all elastic tensioners

Hand Wash (Preferable Option):

  • Wash separately by hand in 40°C water
  • Use only down specific soap. Shop NIKWAX Down Wash here
  • Rinse well in clean water

Machine Wash:

  • Remove all excess detergent
  • Machine to be placed on 40°C temperature and put on a gentle cycle with a slow spin
  • Place down jacket in a mesh washing bag or pillowcase.
  • Preferable to wash one jacket per a cycle

Drying your down jacket

Drying Instructions:
  • Remove excess moisture by pressing with clean towel
  • Place drying balls or use a tennis ball cut in half into the dryer, this will help to redistribute the loft and prevent clumping.
  • Place jacket in the tumble dryer on a low heat and secure all zips and closures
  • Tumble dry for up to 15 minutes on low heat and slow spin
  • Turn garment periodically inside out throughout the dry cycle
  • Shake garment to loosen down clumps and to bring back the loft and shape of the jacket.
  • Treat the DWR coating on the jacket with Nikwax spray after drying
No tumble dryer?
  • Dry out your jacket fully outdoors or in a warm room, rerframe from placing in direct sunlight.
  • Once dry, simply shake out and pat the product to loosen clumps and return jacket to its original shape.

What not to do when cleaning your down jacket:

First Ascent - Product Care Do not dry clean First Ascent - Product Care Do not use fabric softener
First Ascent - Product Care Do not bleach First Ascent - Product Care Do not iron

Storing your down Jacket

When packing your down jacket away for the summer season make sure that you follow the below steps, to keep your jacket looking new and fresh for the next winter season

  • Make sure your jacket is cleaned before storage (follow the above steps for cleaning)
  • Jacket to be stored uncompressed
  • Refrain from storing jacket in an area with high-humidity or where moisture can penetrate
  • Let your jacket hang free to air it out and breathe

Follow the above care and storing instructions and your down jacket will be your best winter investment for many seasons to come.