Bloubos and Beacon Trail Day Hike Loop

Situated in the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, the combination of the Bloubos & Beacon trails makes for a perfect day hike loop for the more experienced hiker. Situated approximately 11km outside of Johannesburg city centre, this is the ideal breakaway to escape the hustle and bustle.

The technical terrain will reward you with some spectacular views of the reserve and surrounding areas. You’ll be navigating through a dried-up river bed, observing some 215 bird species & other wildlife, and taking in the vast flora of the natural landscape.

Hikers have also been known to spot some mammals such as Zebras, Springbok & Black Wildebeest on the route, so pack your camera.

The Bloubos trail section is ideal for beginners and gradually takes you towards a historic landmark on the route, known as the Marais Farmstead. The combination of the Bloubos & Beacon hiking trails makes for a well-rounded, multi-faceted hike that offers versatility & freedom.

Not sure what to pack? Get the comprehensive kit list for winter day hikes here.

Need to Know:





Permit Needed



+- 5,4 km

Elevation Gain

+- 222,8 m

GPS coordinates

26.3040° S, 28.0104° E
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