5 Ways To Get Back On Your Bike After Winter

Team First Ascent Rider, Richard Simpson shares with 5 ways to get you back on your bike post winter.

1. Enter a race, there is nothing quite like the pressure of a race coming up that will get you motivated to start training again or in the worse case force you to start training again. South Africa has so many great one day and stage races towards the end of the year that cater for all levels and abilities. If you are looking for a great comprehensive calendar take a look at the one on Bike Hub.

2. As winter seems to have hit late this year join an indoor cycling class to beat the cold. Indoor cycling classes are a great way to increase your fitness levels, as most of them involve high intensity intervals, which is the best way to get race ready. 

3. Join a club, riding with other people will help to keep you motivated, the whole experience is more enjoyable and forces you to stick with your plans when it could be easier bailing out of them. Joining a club is also a great way to keep safe and improve your skills, as you can learn from the cyclists around you.

4. Set yourself a goal. Whether the goal is to do a specific race or just riding a certain amount of hours per a week. A goal will help you to stay focused and give you something to work towards.

5. Get yourself a new piece of Kit. Trying out a new piece of kit may be just the motivation you need to get you going again! If you are looking for ideas, First Ascent have just dropped their new summer cycling range which has some amazing new designs and fits. See their cycling range here.