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5 Activities to do this Public Holiday

Make the most out of the public holiday; take the time to increase the heart rate and spend quality time with family and friends exploring the outdoors. Here are our top 5 suggestions for your day off.

Join a hiking group and head out to the mountains.

Tick another mountain off your list. Join your local mountaineering group and head out into nature for the day. Why a group? You may have heard the term ‘safety in numbers, a statement that is very true when hiking, where injury or an emergency can occur. Group hiking also builds comradery, giving you a platform to build friendships with fellow like-minded mountain goats.


Plan your longest road ride and include a coffee stop.

Challenge a friend on Strava or head out for a long leisure ride, a day off means increased saddle time and the ideal opportunity to rack up some km. Why not stop along the road, for a quick coffee break at a shop you always-fly bye.


Hit that 20km trail run goal.

Perfect your running technique; take to the trails for an early morning run. Focus on checking your posture, looking ahead and keeping those shoulders and hands relaxed, improving on these running techniques will assist you in smashing that 20km race goal.


Take a dip in the ocean or head to the pools for a few laps.

Embrace the last few summer days, set some time aside for a few laps in the pool or head down to the ocean. Kick starting your day with a refreshing morning swim, does not only boost your immune system, but ensures a full body workout.


Spend quality time with the family outdoors.

Public holidays provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family. Get them exploring - plan an outing to a local tourist attraction, take a walk in the nature reserve or pack a picnic and head to the park, the opportunities are endless and the best part you don’t have to break the bank when finding fun things to do outdoors.