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How to choose the correct cycling shoes

So you’ve got the bike and the helmet and the kit, what’s next?

The next step to up your cycling game is a pair of cycling shoes. These come in many shapes and sizes each for a particular discipline of riding and style of rider.

Road Cycling Shoes

Designed for riding rather than walking, road cycling shoes can be explained as backwards high heels with their large cleat protruding from the bottom front of the shoe. These shoes are generally lighter with smooth, stiff soles.

Road shoes have a larger triangle-shaped cleat that clips into a road peddle allowing for the greatest possible power transfer. The stiffer sole and large cleat are there to provide maximum power transfer.

Cleats to use: 3 hole cleat system that is compatible with pedals by Shimano (SPD), Look, Ryder or Time.

When to use these shoes: Road Cycling

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Mountain Biking Shoes

Mountain Biking shoes on the other hand are much more walker-friendly. They are more flexible and the cleats on the bottom of the shoes are often recessed into the shoe making it easier to explore trails and gravel roads.  These make use of a smaller cleat that can clip into either side of a peddle, unlike its road cousin.

Cleats to use- 2-hole cleat system compatible with pedals by Shimano (SPD), Look, Ryder or Time. Always make sure that the cleats and peddles are compatible otherwise you wouldn’t be able to “cleat in”.   

When to use these shoes:  Mountain Biking, Gravel Riding, Road Cycling.

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Gravel Biking shoes

Takkies that clip into your peddles best describes a gravel shoe.  They are usually made with more padding than road or mountain biking shoes along with laces or straps for increased rider comfort. These shoes are easy to walk in, flexible and may even be mistaken for sneakers from time to time.

Cleats to use- 2-hole cleat system (like MTB shoes) compatible with pedals by Shimano (SPD), Look, Ryder or Time.

When to use these shoes: Gravel Riding, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling.

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