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For all the trailblazers, tent pitchers, tree lovers, and
hardcore athletes – we challenge you to get outdoors 
this Winter.

Control your unknown and challenge the elements.
We have all the gear – for all outdoor enthusiasts.

The Enthusiast

The true nature lover. The trail will never get too tough. The enthusiast is always smiling and keeps the team's spirits up on the trek. They are always up for the next challenge.

The Trendsetter

Trendy yet practical. This individual looks good and feels good – prepared and ready to tackle any trail while still looking fresh.

The Adventurist

Will move mountains. The Adventurist is prepared – with all their bells and whistles, or in this case – zips, pockets and Velcro. They will never start the mission without the route being perfectly mapped out in their mind.

The Minimalist

Practical but not over the top. The essentials are crucial. The minimalist will mostly likely live off trail mix and two-minute noodles the entire trek, while sleeping under the stars.

The Trail Trickster

Always laughing and having a good time. The trail trickster is probably not the fittest on the trail but will keep the spirits high with their humorous energy.

The Caretaker

Always looking out for the team, over-packed with a spare of everything just in case an item is forgotten - will have your back throughout the trail.


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